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Pirastro Obligato single A violin string

"The only reason I am successful is because I have stayed true to myself." -Lindsey Stirling



A universal string of great quality suitable all types of instrument and player standard Obligato strings sound warm and full, yet have a brilliant, rich overtone spectrum and focused tone. Excellent playability and response throughout the entire dynamic range.  

Handmade synthetic fibre core with high quality winding materials. These violin strings are resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Absolute dependability, highest degree of modulation, big soloistic and powerful tonal volume, warm sound characteristics, brilliant, clear and focused.

We are convinced that this new core material is superior to other synthetic materials and steel, because:

  • it offers an unmatched wide range of sounds,

  • absolutely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity, and it offers musicians an unknown dynamic range.


  • a complex tone, rich with overtones;

  • bring out finest nuances in pp and great depth in ff;

  • great playability;

  • outstanding response and

  • outstanding tuning stability which can be used in any environment no matter the degree of humidity or changes of temperature.