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Corelli New Crystal violin strings SET

"When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you’re telling a story." -Joshua Bell



Made in France.  The Corelli Crystal violin string set now has a hi-tech ‘new crystal’ synthetic core giving it much greater performance compared to the original Corelli Crystal. The ‘New’ Corelli Crystal has a larger sound spectrum and excellent sound quality and projection.  The 'New' synthetic core is highly stable, stays in tune very well, and has a soft & sweet tone.

For amateur and professional violin players who want the very best strings for their instrument, we offer Corelli violin strings. Corelli Crystal strings are among the finest in the industry, since the Savarez company is committed to ongoing research and development to produce the best quality strings for viola and other instruments. Corelli Crystal strings are made from specially-treated wound nylon that retains a classic sound without sounding harsh and aggressive like ordinary nylon strings. Instead, they have a warm and rich tone. Attain the perfect sound from your instrument with our high-performance Corelli strings.

Synthetic core strings offer a low tension balance between warm and bright. Consistently updated over many years, Crystal represent a great value compared to other synthetic core brands.