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M.U.D. Dehumidifier

"I am not handsome, but when women hear me play, they come crawling to my feet." -Niccolo Paganini

NZD $29.95


M.U.D. M.ulti U.tility D.esiccant

Preventing the harmful effects of humidity on your musical instruments.

M.U.D. is an exceptionally effective dehumidifier made from highly absorbent and unique European calcinated minerals. It lasts longer, and removes more moisture from the air than any other desiccant in the world. It is a reusable, organic, moisture-absorbing compound that is capable of absorbing up to 75% of its own weight in water for 60-90 days and can then be reactivated and used over and over again. Thus protecting your musical instruments, and equipment from harmful humidity.

Instructions for M.U.D:
Place the M.U.D. vial into your instrument case. One 25g vial is sufficient for violins, guitars, and smaller instruments (up to 1/4 cubic meter). For cellos and larger instruments, two vials are recommended. M.U.D. has a naturally built-in colour indicator, which shows you how much moisture has been absorbed. When completely dry, M.U.D. is a light sandy colour. As moisture is absorbed over a period of time, M.U.D. changes its hue to a darker ‘reddish-mahogany’ colour. When this occurs, it is then time to reactivate your M.U.D. Remember to check the COLOUR of the M.U.D. regularly.

The Effects of Humidity on Stringed instruments:
Water in the air is readily absorbed by the wood, which increases the weight of the instrument, and creates a noticeable loss of tone. Expensive strings are also more likely to rust and break. Humidity also causes serious damage: wood can swell, warp, twist, and crack. Glue softens, and joints open. Dampness also encourages mildew, and pest infestations such as weevils, mites, bow-bugs, and woodworm.
Bows:  Moisture in the air is absorbed by the ‘porous’ horse hair and caused the hair to swell, and lengthen.  To compensate, string-players must then over-tighten the bow-screw, which alters the balance-point of the bow, and affects playability. There is also a danger of a bow with damp hair ‘seemingly’ being loosened after use, only to later become tight again and shrink on a dry day. Hence a musician who thought they had stored their bow on a relaxed state, will open their case to find the hairs tight, and an unnecessary strain exerted on their precious bow.  Humidity also makes a bow’s silver finger-grips tarnish at an accelerated rate.  M.U.D. helps to maintain a consistent environment and stop these problems.

In woodwind instruments, moisture causes swelling to the pads, corks and wooden bodies, leaving you with expensive repair charges.

In brass instruments, slides become sluggish and difficult to control.
Expensive electronic equipment can be rendered useless. ‘Case Sweat’ can cause short-circuits, and solder ‘dry-joints’ leading to failures, faults, and malfunctions.

Electronic equipment:  M.U.D. is the ultimate solution in protecting electronic equipment, from tiny circuit boards to large loudspeakers.

Reactivation in Microwave:

The M.U.D. vial is made from heat resistant borosilicate glass (‘pyrex’- type) tubing and can be microwaved for a limited period of time with relative safety. Place the entire vial into the microwave and cook for one minute.  You will see moisture start to be released from the M.U.D. granules.
Warning: The vial will become extremely hot!  Handle with care!
Remove the vial from the oven and allow it to completely cool. Moisture will continue to be released as the cooling process occurs.
When the vial is completely cool inspect the colour of the granules to see if the original pale sandy colour has been achieved. It may be necessary to repeat the process for a reduced time to achieve total dryness. Remember to allow the vial to cool completely between each bake. The borosilicate tubing is resistant to heat although overheating may cause damage to the other components.
Your M.U.D. is now ready for re-use, ensuring you of your instrument’s optimum performance levels and life by the total elimination of harmful moisture. (Based upon 750W microwave).

Reactivation in conventional oven:
Take a cap from either end of the vial and remove the filter. Pour the M.U.D. granules into a small clean shallow bowl/saucer. Place in the oven at 150°C for 10 minutes or until it returns to its original sandy colour. Stir with a clean spoon to ensure that M.U.D. is dry throughout. M.U.D. granules are originally burned at 750 degrees centigrade where they become calcinated (rock-like). The reactivation process is therefore very safe; the granules cannot be overheated. When satisfied that M.U.D. is completely dry, allow it to cool, then return it to the vial. Replace the gauze filter, and press cap on firmly. Your M.U.D. is now ready for re-use, ensuring you of your instrument’s optimum performance levels and life by the total elimination of harmful moisture.

" I purchased the first one for my wife's hand made button accordion while in Darwin last year as the humidity was causing the timber shell of the instrument to swell and the keys to stick. We were both impressed at how quickly this issue resolved itself once she put the MUD dehumidifier inside her case. Later in the year I purchased 4 more (for violin, mandolin, mandola and tenor sax) and have also been happy with how well they have worked in reducing excessive moisture in my instrument cases. "