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MiSi 'Magpie Air' Sound hole Guitar pickup & preamp

"“Where words fail, music speaks.”" -Hans Christian Andersen



Mi-Si announces the arrival of Magpie Air – a hybrid approach combining the benefits of the award-winning, single coil active magnetic pickup and the new high-performance MEMS microphone into an extremely light and compact system.

Single Coil + MEMS microphone = GOOD TONE!

With two separate volume controls, this allows for the most flexible and powerful solution for guitar amplification. “Magpie Air is the next step in Mi-Si’s comprehensive line of battery-free systems for acoustic guitar amplification, with special attention given to rich sound quality and ease of installation,” says Dr. Simona Ioffe, President of Mi-Si.

Made in the USA, A fully 'Active' pickup and preamp without the need of a battery! The power of the 'Super Capacitor'. Charge for 60 seconds, then perform for 6 hours!

Mi-Si incorporates the use of a state of the art 'Super Capacitor' which takes away the need for a battery.  Super Capacitors are tiny coin sized rechargeable units that are permanently built into the preamp. Recharge the unit by plugging it in for just 1 minute!  One minute of charging time will fully charge the super capacitor and gives you 6 hours of performance time!

The Mi-Si 'Magpie Air' Guitar system features an active, battery-free preamp designed specifically to work with the included MEMS microphone and magnetic coil acoustic guitar pickup. The preamp included with this system is powered by a state of the art super capacitor, and uses Mi-Si's custom piezo linearization scheme – allowing for the most truthful and accurate sound from the pickup.

All you have to do is power up for 60 seconds using the Mi-Si Power Charger, providing you with 6 hours of performance time!

What is MEMS microphone technology?
icro-Electro-Mechanical Systems!  Microphones are transducers that convert acoustic pressure waves to electrical signals. Sensors have become more integrated with other components in the audio signal chain, and MEMS technology is enabling microphones to be smaller and available with either analog or digital outputs.  The sensor allows air to move easily through it, while the membrane is a thin solid structure that flexes in response to the change in air pressure caused by sound waves.

Mi-Si Electronics proudly introduces a truly significant and unique breakthrough for high-end acoustic amplification: a high-performance, fully ACTIVE preamp that draws its power from a 'cutting edge technology' rechargeable 'Super Capacitor' and therefore does NOT NEED BATTERIES. Super Capacitors are tiny coin sized rechargeable units that are permanently built into the preamp.  No 9-Volt, no AA, no AAA, no lithium - NO BATTERIES at all! Charge for 60 seconds, then perform for 6 hours…. Wow!

A special blend of new energy sources with very low-power components and the ability to design compact and efficient circuits now make battery-free products a reality. This extremely energy-efficient design not only means no batteries, but no battery wires, no dead or fading batteries, no RF interference, no battery compartments, and no need to remove a battery from your instrument before transportation.

Mi-Si Electronics engineers bring an arsenal of expertise and more than 25 years experience in the amplification field, developing exciting and revolutionary electronics specifically designed for acoustic amplification. In the past, conventional circuit design components have been a burden to acoustic musicians, incurring extra cost, requiring additional space, and decreasing reliability and tonal quality.  Making a signal pass as simple as possible has not been a luxury, but a necessity. This knowledge is the driving force behind Mi-Si's approach - minimalist design with maximum functionality. Musicians have known this all along, the fewer obstacles between your pickup and your amp, the better your sound.

Saving the planet!
With other brands, every spent battery becomes hazardous waste and needs to be properly disposed of to avoid toxic chemicals leaking into soil and waterways. Mi-Si environmentally conscious and advanced designs eliminate this waste.

Insert the Mi-Si Power Charger into your instruments regular output jack socket and charge for just 60 seconds.  This gives you an average of 6 hours performance time - Wow!

Package includes:

  • MEMS microphone/ magnetic coil acoustic guitar pickup sensor (soundhole mounted) with Volume and Tone Controls

  • Strapbutton jack output socket (also for charging) 

  • Mi-Si Power Charger

  • Made in USA